For the past thirty years all of the work of the Oldring Consulting Group has been with organizations as they attempt to respond to, create and manage change. We see our Core Purpose as “to enable organizations and individuals to change strategically”.

We believe there are two macro pieces that organizations need to pay attention to when they manage change:

One, is that they have clarity about, and focus on, where they are going and a sound strategy to get there based on understanding trends, markets, customers, and competitors.

The second, is that they manage the change process, the transition, in a way that engages and moves the whole organization. The task here is to gain ownership, commitment and accountability from all of the key stakeholders who must engage and be part of the change. We know that a Strategy that is only owned and committed to by a handful of senior people, is seldom a Strategy that gets implemented.

Our work has several distinct but interrelated pieces, all focused on creating and managing change. We know that all organizations are unique and will be at different places in terms of their strategic effectiveness and their capacity to manage strategic change. We are therefore extremely diligent in working with organizations to create a change process that begins from what already exists.

Our work focuses on two pieces: creating and implementing Strategy and The Skills to Manage Strategic Change.

The vision we aspire to...enabling and supporting the leadership of organizations to mobilize and focus the wisdom, the capacity and the courage of people in creating and implementing intentional strategic change. Our work is about: real change, authentic relationships, responsiveness, excellence.

We will be driven by the values of integrity, choice, diversity, involvement, passion, and action.

The excellence we bring is...Our ability to conceptualize, and deliver a seamless consulting experience characterized by its quality, respect and effectiveness.

Our way of working together...

Collaboration - We are committed to a common direction and decide and work together to get there.

Commitment, Integrity and Action - We deliver what we promise.

Wellness - We each actively encourage and act to support the health of each other's body, mind and spirit.

Respect and Diversity - We deal with ideas, opinion, facts and feelings openly, honestly and with respect.

Supporting Each Other - We willingly and easily ask for and give tangible support.

Risk Taking and Passion - We seek new challenges, try new things and learn from all our experiences.

Learning - We contribute to each other's growth and learning through coaching and mentoring.


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